10 – Education minimum grade must be ever attended

Socremo was founded in 1998 as a ‘non bank financial intermediary’, and in May 2004 obtained a license to become a microfinance bank. According to the MixMarket, as at 31.12.06, it had total assets worth USD 13.5 million, a debt / equity ratio of 274% and a return on assets of 2.0%. It has 30,000 customers and, according to Lonrho, the number of accounts at the bank has grown 160% during the past year, leading to an increase in its credit portfolio of 103%..

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What’s we – Attractive Salary
– Uniform
– Attendance Bonus
– Transportation Allowance
– Good working Condition

What’s you have – 18 years of age must be open.
10 – Education minimum grade must be ever attended.> Fashion sales must be interested in. Hermes Handbags Replica

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location near the new shopping – Happy Sri weekend – Hours – 8: 00-5: 00
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JGSER- (00233)
Assistant Sale Manager Female (1) Post
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